Our Commitment

We feel privileged to play a role in helping people maintain their health.

We focus our efforts to preserve the well-being of the patients in their everyday lives. We will always commit to the finest medical technologies and will constantly seek new paths in the contributing to the advancement of healthcare.

We embody the best of both worlds. By acting as a healthcare manufacturer and provider to all medical organizations in Israel, and as partner with leading companies in the world committed to providing the finest quality products to Israel.

Our goal is to bring state of the art medical solutions to all our customers, including patients and all healthcare providers. We are committed to them and will always aspire to meet their needs. We challenge ourselves to invest more resources in new and innovative solutions that will be the next step for our customers.

We strive to mold our surrounding work environment to make it suitable for all our employees. Our aim is to create a fulfilling work-place that will allow our employees to work with the highest sense of confidence and commitment.